Business cards

It is Becoming Real

We got our business cards last week. Business cards with our name, our web page and the names of our books. We are in business! I love the picture on our business card. It is reproduced from the photo on our webpage. The photo is of a foggy morning in Osborne Bay and  was taken by my friend Jean Ballard. Jean writes a blog featuring her photographs of animals and places around Crofton and the Chemainus Valley.

Another friend Clare, of Urchin Bags,  who makes useful items of reclaimed materials, custom made us small pocket holders from upcycled seat belts to hold our cards. She chose grey and orange seat belts for Grant’s holder and purples and blues for mine. They are brilliant. Felicity Perryman of First Choice Books designed the cards for us. The cards and card holders are truly a home grown product. They feel very organic.

I am beginning to feel like a real writer and with the website, feel like a real business person. It is hard to believe that after ten years of saying I am going to do this — write my memoir, publish it and market it — that it is really happening. Grant who is more focussed than I, began writing his book just last year and completed it before I finished mine. I procrastinate.

There is more involved with publishing a book than either of us imagined. But with help from our ever patient editor Paula Marchese and our book designer Felicity Perryman of First Choice Books, it will soon be a reality. We will be at book signings and selling our books from our webpage and from our local bookstores. I will have to pinch myself to see if it is really real.